ScopDIAL – The Auto-Dial Expert Software



ScopDIAL is an addon to the ScopTEL™ IPPBX, that enables click to call features in the ScopTEL™ IPPBX within Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Outlook. ScopDIAL automatically detects contacts and telephone numbers from within these applications, and sends a dial request to the ScopTEL IP PBX server.

For example, you are reading an e-mail in Microsoft Outlook, and you see a phone number in the email body. You can click the phone number and ScopDial™ will automatically call the number from your desk or soft phone.


  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Click to call your contacts within Microsoft Outlook or Windows
  • Incoming call notification pop-up on your computer
  • Take action within the notification pop-up: Send to voicemail, Ignore incoming call, Create Microsoft Outlook contact or Find and view Microsoft Outlook emails related to this contact
  • Support soft-phones and physical phones
  • Complete configuration wizard for automatic phone numbers detection
  • Call history
  • Phone directories



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