ScopTEL DVD Installation - How to install ScopTEL on a server using our DVD ISO boot disk.

ScopTEL Basic Server Installation - After installing from the DVD ISO boot disk, this document covers the instruction to get your server onto the network and updated to the latest software versions.en-presentation-scopserv-acd

ScopTEL ITSP SIP Trunking - How to setup SIP trunks to multiple customers using ScopTEL servers.

ScopTEL Certificate Manager - How to enable SSL encryption within the ScopTEL GUI in order to support https phone provisioning, SIP signaling and encrypted SRTP.

ScopTEL - Server to Server SIP Trunks - How to setup server to server SIP trunks with ScopTEL servers on both sides.
ScopTEL with Active Directory - ScopTEL with Active Directory user documentation.

ScopTEL IP PBX - General overall documentation of the ScopTEL IP PBX software and all of it's features, codec support, licensing information, etc.

ScopTEL - Speed Dials and Outgoing Lines with Pauses - Configuring Speed Dials and Outgoing Lines with Pauses in the Dial String in the ScopTEL IP PBX.

ScopTEL - ACD Module - ScopTEL ACD Module detailed documentation.

ScopTEL Cisco SIP Phone Integration - Enhanced support for Cisco SIP phones.

ScopTEL QOS Training - Covers the prerequisites for the ScopTEL advanced training and reseller exam.

ScopTEL Troubleshooting - Indispensable document listing the most common support problems with the ScopTEL IP PBX and how to resolve them.


ScopDIAL User Manual - ScopSERV ScopDIAL User manual.


ScopSTATS / ScopSWITCH - The ScopSTATS and ScopSWITCH user documentation.