ScopSWITCH – The Real-Time Expert Software



Designed with the administrator in mind, the ScopSwitch interface allows the call center agents and supervisors to ensure follow-up on several indicators.These include agent status, waiting lines status, and real-time statistics. 

Real-time statistics include calls received, answered, in waiting or hung-up, the average waiting time, level of service, threshold alarms, etc.).

New features include:

      • Data refresh is faster and more fluid in the menu panel.
      • Remote control of a telephone connected to ScopTEL™ IP PBX via a virtual phone.
      • Addition of Call and Send-Message buttons to contact management.
      • Displays contact status (Available, Busy, DND, etc).
      • Option to personalize the display of every ScopSWITCH panel
      • Receptionist version of the virtual telephone that displays more than four calls.


Further ScopSWITCH information can be found in the brochures.