ScopTEL IP PBX – The Telecommunication Expert Software

The ScopTEL IP PBX applications suite is a complete VoIP PBX management system based on the Asterisk open-source technology. ScopTEL is THE Telecommunication Expert Software!

The ScopTEL IP PBX can be found in 2 basic models – hosted or on-premise, such as with our ScopBOX product. Both can have ScopTEL Lite or ScopTEL Pro with varying licensing levels (number of extensions managed) to meet your needs.

The ScopTEL™ intuitive graphic interface benefits from the whole set of the Asterisk platform proven functionality and even more, thus making it the most powerful and easiest to use interface for all users.

ScopServ™ undertakes to provide the three fundamental benefits in its IP telephony service: Profitability, Reliability and Evolutivity.

Some of the included functionality:

  • All the basic functionality you would expect : call waiting, forwarding, transfer, etc
  • Parking Lots
  • Fax to email, email to fax
  • Billing Tools
  • Virtual Conference Rooms
  • Selective call recording
  • Click to Call
  • Outlook Integration
  • Video call support
  • Find-me-Follow-me management
  • IVR – Integrated Virtual Receptionist
  • Complete ACD functionality – queue management with intelligent call routing
  • Virtual Office Functionality (Hot Desk)
  • Customizable music on hold (MP3 files)
  • Call by Name
  • Visual and audio message waiting indicator
  • Supervision (provides knowledge of who is online, who is available and call interception )
  • CTI Integrated Directory
  • TAPI Interface
  • MP3 music on hold or Shoutcast / SlimServer streaming
  • Management of multi-tenant, with programmable seal degree
  • Interactive vocal server for automated navigation with numeric keypad (touch tone)
  • ‘Follow-me’ function, for an intelligent management in the forwarding of incoming calls
  • Integrated conference bridges, for an unlimited number of virtual conferences
  • Automated and intelligent distribution of calls (ACD) with reports.

The ScopTEL IP PBX is made up of a suite of applications. These include ScopSTATS, ScopDial, ScopCOMM, ScopSwitch, ScopDev, and ScopAD. To find more about each of these indispensible applications, click these links here or select them on the menu. Combined with the main ScopTEL application, they make up the full ScopTEL IP PBX Applications Suite.