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ScopServ International Inc. in France Quebec economic mission in March 2015

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Trade agreements between ScopServ International Inc. from Quebec and its French partners: Channel Plus (Distributor), Convergence Group, Apps2Com and Véodis group

It is with great pride that SCOPSERV International, a Quebec company specializing in information technology, has announced major partnerships with three major French companies under the management of Channel Plus distributor:
• Convergence Group;
• Apps2Com; and
• Véodis group.

These three renowned integrators in the Telecom sector will now be able to offer their business customers leading-edge solutions, stable and efficient IP phone technology, all developed by their French partner SCOPSERV anchored by their flagship VoIP product ScopTEL.

These partners will be well placed in European markets by offering a robust and mature system of transporting voice over IP networks leading to unified communications for enterprises.

Not only can the ScopTEL solution manage calls, but it also offers options such as easy integration with commercial software tools (CRM and ERP), supervision and recording of communications, cost control, etc.

These agreements will significantly expand the scope of ScopServ in Europe by focusing on ScopServ’s partners expertise and will provide strategic, dynamic and secure expansion in an evolving market.

” These trade agreements with new partners such as the Convergence group, Apps2Com and Véodis group are for us a source of pride and joy next to an increasingly bright future for our company on the French market, ” said Denis Trépanier, President and CEO of ScopServ International. ” These partners have extensive experience and visibility that will enable us to take a strategic expansion on the French market. ”

In Quebec, it is estimated that the agreements will create in time close to a dozen jobs in addition to significantly boost SCOPSERV revenues.

We can already anticipate for France, annual benefits in the hundreds of thousands of dollars that will create and maintain dozens of jobs, while creating enthusiasm that will further increase economic benefits in the near future.

ScopTel with Active Directory V1 Beta Postponed – May 4th 2015

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ScopTel with Active Directory, the directory integration add-on for ScopTel, BETA testing has been postponed to Monday, May 4th 2015.