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New releases for Scopserv

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On January 30, 2017, ScopServ will release its official version of new ISO package based on CentOS 6 and upgraded ‘scopserv-reports’ and ‘scopserv-realtime’ packages.

‘scopserv-reports’ and ‘scopserv-realtime’ release 6 packages are highly optimized using a new WebSockets Transport and process raw ACD data to SQL tables.
Upgrading to ‘scopserv-reports’ and ‘scopserv-realtime’ Release 6 packages will require you to manually execute the Queue Log Migration script else post upgrade reporting data will not be processed!

Which installations are involved?

New CentOS 6 installation: no need to run the migration script because the new packages are already included.
Update from CentOS 5 to CentOS 6: installation will require the migration script because the data will be backed up from CentOS 5 and restored on CentOS 6.
Licenses not upgrading to CentOS 6: installation will require to run the migration script because the new ‘scopserv-realtime’ Release 6 package will be part of all new packages starting January 30, 2017.
Available documentation

Our complete product bulletin can be found in our Knowledge Base. It contains information about the queue log migration.
Our C6 Installation guide also includes information for existing C5 customers upgrading to C6.
We are confident these releases will greatly enhance the experience of using ScopTEL.

ScopServ Team

New partnership with AxisInternet Inc.

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It is with an immense pleasure that ScopServ International Inc. announces another new partnership with AxisInternet Inc., as our new ScopTEL Distributor for the United States.

AxisInternet was created in July 2003 and has since provided Internet based products and services to companies of all sizes. Over the years, AxisInternet has expanded their products and services to include IT consulting, online backup, co-location, cloud services and VoIP.

AxisInternet has been a partner of ScopServ since 2012. As an Internet Telephony Service Provider, they have been using ScopTEL in their business practices for all their telecommunications needs since then and have become experts with the complete applications suite.

To expand the market in the United States, ScopServ International Inc. needed a solid partner who shares the same values of reliability and quality for their customers. With that in mind, it became obvious that AxisInternet met those criteria.

Located in Denver Colorado, AxisInternet will serve as a distributor of the ScopTEL applications suite in the United States. “I am most excited to see AxisInternet officially becoming a ScopServ Distributor in the United States of America and adopting the ScopServ USA brand. They provide great value and proficiency to their growing reseller base as well as to the ScopCLOUD ITSP solution which is growing by leaps and bounds in the SaaS market. I am confident this new partnership will lead us to great business opportunities.” Denis Trépanier, President & CEO ScopServ International Inc.